The term VDI is often used to talk about a communication network incorporating multiple streams: telephone, TV and internet.

The first low current network is undoubtedly the phone. He was then joined by computing cohabitation because the two networks remain separate, each with its cables and connection systems. The arrival of the video, its needs for quality and transmission speed and the massive Relationship home VDI devices (VOICE DATA IMAGES) IN CAMEROON development of personal computing has created the idea of finding a common standard cabling and connection to alleviate the facilities: the VDI.

Access in all rooms to its programming and movies on their television, her photos, music and movies on their computer, it's part of the pleasure that you would like. However, in the case of an existing building, it is sometimes a real headache to connect all multimedia devices and hide the existing cables. Also interesting decorative term, the VDI is the preferred solution.

VDI is usually the term used to name the communication channels encompassing phone, Internet, computer network and multimedia. Since the grid, this system is increasingly embedded in our homes and workplaces.

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It is a wired or a wireless network, local or remote, TECACOM accompanies you to set up your infrastructure for data sharing production units to management offices, or to manage your data automate PROCESS. Professional solutions are offered to complete your tasks across Cameroon and Central Africa.