Facilitate communication within a business is a priority for any organization that wants dignity and prosperity because it encourages collaborative work by means of simple and efficient communication. telephonyTechnical Team TECACOM Cameroon by IP voice is one such means .

IP telephony

IP telephony system TECACOM Ltd Cameroon

The Tecacom , because of its avant-garde vision has developed solutions to the intraperitoneally a futuristic solutions for businesses in Cameroon .

Deploy our solutions

  • Materials
  • Software

according to your needs ( Telephony – PBX , Voice over IP) to accompany you in this process to completion ..

IP telephony system TECACOM Ltd Cameroon

This solution is very advantageous in every sense for the short and medium term business because it allows to save on communication costs while offering employees a simple working tool , useful and reliable in use .

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