Tecacom presentation


The very important and growing needs in the use of information technology in Africa and more particularly in Cameroon have led to the creation of this IT and telecommunication service provider (TECACOM), responsible for making available Users, common IT resources but above all to propose solutions adapted to our environment.

Tecacom offers personalized assistance to users and ensures the security of the institution’s information system.

In order to meet your concerns, we have set up several teams to intervene in various branches and sectors of information technology and telecommunications.

We can offer individual solutions to each of our clients.


Our daily missions to you.

  • Administer and operate administrative and common servers
  • Maintain computer equipment, plan installation, configuration and troubleshooting of equipment made available to the administration and teachers, and manage priorities,
  • Establish an inventory of the computer equipment and software in use throughout the institution,• Manage the computer network and evolve the physical infrastructure in all buildings,
  • Establish computer and telephony network diagrams,
  • Manage directory servers and provide digital services to users (e-mail, wireless network, …)
  • Manage and administer the institutional website, (Development of hosting, referencing)
  • Web application development
  • Manage audiovisual equipment and videoconferencing systems (IP and ISDN),
  • Establish mechanisms for computer security, and monitor the evolution of risks,
  • Establish a data backup and archiving policy,
  • Maintain and evolve the information system,
  • Advising and informing users in all matters relating to information technology in the broad sense,Organize meetings and improve the communication between the IT department and the computer correspondents,
  • Provide remote monitoring, video surveillance and CCTV systems


All these missions must contribute to an evolution of IT resources in an effort to constantly improve the quality of service to users.

Our slogan: 

” Together nothing is impossible ”