Indirect benefits related to the outsourcing of its information system

By outsourcing its information system using partial or total outsourcing, your company can reap several benefits :

  • Assurance of expertise : companies do not necessarily have the
  • time to develop the appropriate skills required to optimize the management of their information system. Calling on a service provider is tantamount to ensuring certified expertise and knowledge..
  • Shortage of capital : by outsourcing, the company reduces the volume of capital required to manage the information system.
  • Emergence of an efficient supplier market : many IT asset management companies have recently appeared on the market. Specialized in the management of information systems, they have advanced skills that a company cannot always develop internally.
  • Flexibility

Direct benefits of outsourcing

In addition to the advantages linked purely to the idea of outsourcing, the concept of outsourcing also brings advantages, mainly in terms of economics :

  • Cost visibility : by outsourcing its information system, the company has precise visibility of its IT expenditure.
  • Economics : According to recent studies, outsourcing can save 10 to 15% on a company's IT budget.
  • Core Business : by using a service provider for the management of its information system, the company can refocus on its main activity.
  • Diversified contribution of knowledge : the company can benefit from multiple approaches thanks to the intervention of different companies specialized in information system management.
  • Hardware and Software Renewal and Optimization : when a company outsources its information system to an external computer park, it benefits from the guarantee of state-of-the-art hardware and software that is efficient and regularly updated and/or changed. The company also benefits from a homogenization of the hardware thus used, synonymous with increased compatibility and better fluidity in file transfers, in particular.

To summarize the 7 reasons that can lead to the choice of outsourcing :

* Data backup and security.
* Cost reduction.
* Competence of computer experts.
* Cutting-edge technologies.
* Your business above all.
* Flexibility and Reliability of Outsourcing.
* Your outsourcing provider, a single point of contact.