Make themselves known and make its products in a short period of time and especially with more coverage has never been easier. At TECACOM we have made available to our customers tools that make it easier than ever advertising via the Internet and aiming to reach a larger portion of the target population.
We offer you :

Advertising space through different banners on multiple sites in our society ( www.africtroc.com , www.camerpro.com , www.tecacom.com ….) with viewing figures on the increase every day in Cameroon

E -Marketing service that allows to advertise a targeted product or set of products to targeted people .:


E-Marketing Solutions Tecacom Cameroon

With our banners you can choose to reserve advertising space on one of our websites according to your needs and also availability of space on www.africtroc.com, www.camerpro.com, www.tecacom.com. Spaces designed specifically to meet your needs whatever they are.

The cost varies depending on the space and the selected page .

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E-Marketing Solutions Tecacom Cameroon

The E -Marketing is a service that offers marketing research of your products. Establish a marketing plan is a solution that we offer. With our large database of contacts , we offer you the opportunity to know the exact product to target people. A marketing solution requires a prior estimate .
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